The CHILD Project: Road to Resilience (R2R)

What is the CHILD Project: Road to Resilience (R2R)

As your partner in parenting, R2R gives Yolo County maternal caregivers and their families support so they can have caring, enjoyable relationships with their kids. In R2R maternal caregivers meet with a family resource professional who takes the time to listen and learn their needs. Then the maternal caregiver and their family may be paired with a home visitor who meets with the family regularly to provide ongoing support and make sure their family’s needs are being met. R2R also has a social group for eligible caregivers and participants to connect and support each other.

What families get from participating in R2R

  • Emotional Support: R2R staff listen and give gentle guidance to participants. R2R staff take time to learn about each family’s unique needs and genuinely cares for each family they serve.
  • Parenting Education: R2R staff provide parenting education and support on topics that families want to learn about.
  • Child Development: R2R staff monitor and provide support for baby and young children’s development.
  • Connection to Community: R2R staff help connect families to community resources. R2R also has a social group for caregivers to connect to each other.
  • Emergency Supplies: R2R can help families obtain emergency supplies to meet basic needs, such as food, diapers, formula, infant supplies, and more.

How to qualify for R2R

Any maternal caregiver that lives in Yolo County and is pregnant or parenting a child under 12 months old may qualify for R2R.  Families are screened for eligibility in their first visit(s) with the R2R family resource professional. Once they complete the screening visit(s) they are offered ongoing services through R2R or other resources depending on their needs and desires.

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in R2R, click here to download our referral form, which includes information on where to send it once it’s filled out: R2R referral Form OR contact our Project Manager at (916) 403-2925.


“R2R has helped connecting me with resources and keeping me informed. It is parent driven keeping parents informed about development, social and emotional milestones. They say it takes a village to raise a child and it is an amazing feeling that an organization cares about the health and growth of your child.”


Who helps you in R2R

R2R staff include In-Clinic Navigators from Healthy Families Yolo County, the Perinatal Support Specialist, Navigators (aka home visitors) from Healthy Families Yolo County and CommuniCare’s Behavioral Health department, and administrative supports. Read more about each of our staff and what they do in R2R here.

More about R2R visits

Visits are offered to R2R participants as often as every week to once a month. The family and their Navigator decide together how often and where to meet for visits. Visits are usually offered at your home or other safe location in Yolo County. During the COVID-19 pandemic visits are also available virtually via phone or video chat.

What languages R2R provides services in

Most of our R2R staff speak English and Spanish, and are able to assist families in either language. R2R staff serve clients that speak a language other than English or Spanish using a phone interpretation service.

Cost to participate in R2R

Joining R2R is completely free and voluntary, meaning families can stop participating at any time.

What current and former clients say about R2R

  •  “The program is amazing to first time parents like us. It helps us to keep updated with child development and not having the worry of missing out on any important milestones”
  •  “I like that you have someone to talk to like a friend. I can discuss my problems and [my home visitor] offers resources to help me and is there for me”
  •  “[The program] is amazing, [we’ve] received a lot of help and support and are thankful”
  • “[My home visitor] she is very kind and always talks to me about different resources. “

Look at our amazing outcomes

Follow the link below for a snapshot of inspiring outcomes the R2R Team has achieved in this navigation and home visiting initiative!

R2R Infographic

For more information

  • Contact our Project Manager at (916) 403-2925 or
  • Click these links for a copy of our brochure in English and Spanish.


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